Late Summer News ... new Kippahs and why we wear a kippah

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Why do Jews wear kippahs?  What is a kippah?  Jews wearing a head covering called a kippah / kippa / kepah / kippot plural (Hebrew meaning dome) or a yarmulke (Yiddish) or skull cap.  Simply but a kippah is like wearing a blessing on your head.  Wearing a kippah is showing respect for G-d / Ha Shem.  While wearing a kippah is required in most synagogues the donning of a kippah is not a Torah requirement aka a commandment.  Covering one's head is a long standing custom that we recognize that G-d is "above" us.  It is also a way of showing one's commitment to the Jewish people.  One can do a google search and come up with many different articles about kippot and see many difference opinions!  This is what I call one of the many blessings of Judaism...many opinions!


I will not get into the when must one wear a kippah and the issues of whether women should wear one, as this is not the point of this blog.  In my humble opinion I know the ins and outs of kippah making.  I really enjoy creating yarmulkes and especially love my Bucharian / Bukkarian / Sephardic hat kippah (this is the style that I wear).  I have created all of my kippah designs from scratch.  I also have very pretty and feminine lace kippahs (they will be added to the web site this month!).  NHL teams, Paw Patrol, and more regular solid colors kippahs with appliques are being added this month.


New kippot!


Harry Potter


Harry Potter Bucharian kippah in all fabric sides or with a stretchy black fabric band







Original Star Trek characters kippah



Original Star Trek characters Bucharian kippah (fabric sides or black stretchy band)


The Lion King kippah

The Lion King Kippah (all fabric sides or black stretchy band)


Candian flag kippah or yarmulke



Blue marbalized wavey kippah

Israeli Flag kippah or yarmulke



How the kippahs fit and how to figure out what size you need:


While I have some Toddler sized kippahs  I can create a toddler sized kippah in most of our fabrics (unless the motiff is just too big) ...please email me for this request!  The regular sized kippahs fit most people from about age 3 and up.  The regular sized ones fit my sons who are very tall and have large heads.  All of our kippahs are round.  The pictures do not do them justice!



Please go here Kippah fit.


This will help you to determine your head size for the Bucharian kippahs and you will see many pictures of the yarmulkes on.


I can create a Bucharian kippah out of most of the same fabric that I have for a regular kippah, drop me an email.


Please see the reversible yarmulkes here...again I can create a reversible kippah with most of the current regular kippah fabrics (not sale kippah fabrics, sorry).


Reversible regular kippahs or yarmulkes...two great kippahs in one!




How to order, processing times, etc.


Lastly see our September 2016 coupons


Enjoy wearing your kippot!




Kate Rachel Lozier

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