Hamsa black onyx gemstone necklace Hand of Fatima jewelry Evil Eye protection one of a kind

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Hamsa black onyx gemstone necklace Hand of Fatima jewelry evil eye protection one of a kind

I have used a sterling silver toggle as a closure so this necklace is very easy to take on and off. 

The evil eye silver plated hamsa or Hand of Fatima (hand of G-d, hand of Miriam) is very detailed with lots of filagree and scrolls. The reverse side is very pretty without the evil eye.

All of the beads are genuine gemstone black onyx. This gorgeous necklace will look great in your best dress or with your favorite jeans.

This gemstone all black onyx necklace is NOT heavy.

The gemstone section is securely connected to a very strong 12 mm wide sterling silver toggle and bar.

The entire necklace is strung on an incredibly strong 49 stranded beading wire that is flexible, allowing the necklace to hang naturally.

necklace dimensions: 
the largest main bead is 1/2" in diameter and the beaded section of the necklace is a total of 20" long and the silver plated filigree hamsa / hand of fatima (1" wide) hangs another 3" from the beaded area.

Use a piece of string or cord to determine the hanging length of this necklace or the length you want this necklace to be.

great gift for Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, birthday, hostess gift, Mother's Day, a bat mitvah or treat yourself

I warrant all of my goods.