Quilted table mats and runners

quilted insulated mats and table runners:  I quilt insulated mats in a range of sizes from mini mats great for your coffee or tea mugs to place mats to table runners.  I use batiks, calico cottons, Judaica themes (Hanukkah related is in the Chanukah category) and novelty themed all cotton fabric.  I use a special insulated fabric called insul bright made by the warm company right here in the USA. You can place warm or cold things on these mats and keep your furniture protected.

From the Insul Bright web site: "It consists of polyester fibers, needle-punched through a reflective metalized polyester film. The needled material is breathable and won't break down with washing. The polyester fibers resist conduction while the reflective metalized polyester film reflects radiant energy, hot or cold, back to its source."

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