What is New and what is upcoming

NBA finals:  Denver Nuggets  versus Miami Heat, get your kippahs now!

Saucer NBA kippahs Denver Nuggets saucer kippah  Miami Heat Saucer Kippah 

 Regular 4 panel NBA kippahs regular kippah Miami Heat NBNBA    NBA Denver Nuggets kippah   

Happy Pride Month!  we have lots of pride gifts! simply search "pride" and "rainbow"

We refund shipping overages, and welcome most custom orders, as well as bulk orders.

New on sale tapestry kippahs, closeout fabrics, $ 28 each!

Limited edition on sale Tapestry kippahs p>


 Be sure to check out the fabric, including licensed, as well as Colt Manufacturing buttons, mother of pearl buttons, and other buttons too!

New quilted pillows!

Bohemian batik quilted black multicolor pillow coverbohemian black multicolored batik pillow cover

marijuana quilted pot pillow cover marijuana quilted pot pillow cover

PJ masks blue background  pj masks kippah or yarmulke


New Mahjongg home decor!  Quilted throw pillow cover and mini mats or mug rugs.

       quilted insulated mahjongg mini mats


New NHL Bucharian kippah/Sepharadic hat style yarmulke for NHL Teams!


Washington Commanders NFL Team kippahs are here!  Bucharian style is coming soon.

Washington Commander kippah

New Captain America shields saucer kippah       

New Captain America shields regular or toddler kippah   Captain America shields kippah

 PLEASE shop on my web site.  I have permanently closed my Etsy shop.  Read my blog for why I have done this (Etsy has ridiculous policies).  Thank you, Kate

Due to rising costs and USPS rate hikes our free shipping USA first class offer is now $ 49 or more.

New NHL teams!  We have added the Edmonton Oilers and Toronto Maple Leaves.  regular and toddler sizes