Gemstone Rose Pink necklace with onyx and kiwi jaspers statement necklace -- one of a kind On Sale Now!

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Gemstone Rose Pink  necklace with onyx and kiwi jaspers  statement necklace  -- one of a kind

This is a beautiful one of a kind handmade black and rose pink stones gemstone necklace.   On Sale Now!

The black stones are all onyx.  
The three pink long tear drop stones are pink kiwi (sesame) jasper
The two magenta oval beads are crazy lace agates.

The wearer of this necklace can feature it with any outfit or match based on some of the gemstones.

 The sterling silver clasp is gorgeous and an easy secure closure.
I use a very high quality nylon coated 49 stranded stainless steel beading wire that is incredibly strong.

necklace dimensions:  21" long x tear drops hang 1.5" long x  1/2" wide at the wider points

Use a piece of string or cord to determine the hanging length of this necklace or the length you want this necklace to be.

great gift for the Holidays (Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah), birthday, anniversary,  Mother's Day,  a bat mitvah or treat yourself