Kippah REVERSIBLE regular kippahs select your team character music geeky patterns for each side

  • $ 22.00

REVERSIBLE regular or toddler sized your team character music geeky patterns for each side

You will receive a reversible regular styling kippah or yarmulke from the fabrics of your choice--- ONE REVERSIBLE Kippah per purchase!    MADE TO ORDER.

You can create your own reversible kippah by selecting one fabric choice for side 1 and another fabric choice for side 2.

How to do this: simply type in the team/character/music/geeky name or pattern for side one and then do the same for side 2.


kippah side 1:  NFL patriots;  team side 2:  Harry Potter black.
side 1: Star wars space ships; team side 2: NHL Bruins
side 1: Univ of Virginia side 2: NHL Washington Capitla

Email for help!  We are more than happy to set up the order for you!

Regular size:  (note sizing goes by head size)

The kippah or yarmulke measures about 11" from one side over the top to side/ diameter 8" and fits from about age 3 to adults, fitting most adults.

Toddler size:

9" from side to side / diameter 6.5" / circumference 20" completely line with coordinating all cotton fabric.

Very high quality all finished seams that do not show,,,,great size that fits most heads without clips...this is a REAL wonderful kippah! 

While these super cool kippahs are made with licensed fabric, these yarmulkes are not licensed products. TuffBags and/or the owners are not associated with the licensings agencies or teams.

Star Wars kippah