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Just what is a Hamsa / Chamesh / Hand of Miriam / Hand of G-d / Hand of Fatima?

Why are people (including this author) intrigued with this ancient amulet?

What is the history and origin of this hand-shaped symbol?

The Hamsa is an ancient symbol and amulet from Jewish, Christian, and Islamic cultures.   The Hamsa is believed to protect the wearer from  harm and evil.  

So which may should the hand point, up or down?  Basically, it does not matter which way a person should wear or hanging a hamsa.  However, traditional believes that wearing or hanging the hamsa with the fingers down opens up the person to more virtue and abundance.

I use the Hand of G-d is a lot of my art work.  I see this hand as a way to express ones' believe in G-d by using your hands to help others.

You can see all of my hamsa/Hand of G-d/Hand of Fatima here: challah covers, kippot, jewelry, quilting, quilling.

 handmade bohemian Hand of G-d necklace  Handmade modern batik Hamsa challah cover

 Handmade hand of Fatima G-d silver earrings  Hamsa embroidered kippah

quilted hamsa trapunto wall hanging         Quilled blue white hamsa wall hanging

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