Zippered nylon pouch bags

Don't you get tired of never being able to find the little stuff that gravitates to the bottom of your bag? Tired of searching for coins, your lip balm or your medication?

TuffBaggs collection of zippered pouches and pockets will keep all of these things at your fingertips!

Tuff Bags nylon zippered pouch / bags are water resistant and weather proof.

TuffBags zippered pouch bags are perfect for:
medical supplies, suitcase organization, back pack/briefcase/tote bags/purse organization, makeup, toiletries, art supplies, camping supplies, to name just a few uses.

You can add optional hooks, dee rings, neck/waist cords so that you can have your zippered pouch accessible in a manner that is comfortable for you! All Tuff Bags are 100 % USA made, right here in beautiful upstate New York.