March Madness!

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Calling all College Men's and Women's basketball fans--- March Madness is on!

This year's Dance will be very exciting, whether you route for the men's or the women's teams.   I am especially watching the women's games, with a Southern team, the USC gamecocks, in the lead.  The men's NC State has been on fire as have the Tarheels.

 Since I live in Durham, NC I am surrounded by the rivalry between the UNC Tarheels and the Duke Devils.  My synagogue is right across the street from UNC's campus.  

I make and carry many NCCA teams.  In order for me to make a particular college or university kippah, the school must release fabric.  Duke and NC State no longer have authorized fabric :-( .   I can not simply use a school's logo and make a yarmulke, as this violates the school's trademark.  

 For readers who are interested in getting their team's kippah, please go here.


 Enjoy your games!

Happy Purim!

Kate Rachel





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