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I am passionate about our environment, living things, and the planet.  I thought that I would share how I reduce the carbon foot print of TuffBags.

Sustainable Suppliers, materials, and energy efficient machinery

I purchase our fabric and supplies mainly from made in the USA companies, who are energy conscious.  The materials that I use in our products are incredibly long-lasting and are sustainably made.

 Have you ever purchased a tote bag, purse, zippered pouch, kippah, epipen cas from us?  I bet that you are still using it!  I have TuffBags totes from over 20 years ago, and they are still going strong.

The sewing methods that I use ensure that the products will last indefinitely.

My sewing machines and other macinery are all energy efficient.

 Waste reduction and elimination

I do not have any wasted materials.  All fabric scraps are donated.  

I have digital payments and marketing.  I do not offer a paper catalog.  All of our paper is recycled.  I reuse mailing envelops and packing.  I do not purchase bubble wrap or the inflated pillows.  I do reuse them.  I purchase as many recyced paper and mailing products as possible.

 Please reach out with any questions!

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