Judaica Bucharian kippah Jewish Holidays style Sephardic yarmulkes -- Star of David, Hanukkah, Passover, Judaica, bagels , alef-bet

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Please note:  your kippah may vary a bit from the stock pictures.

 I love making yarmulke/kippot and my Bucharian/Bukkarian hat style pattern is a favorite. This kippah can be worn as a hat style  or as a crown style (on the back of your head like the traditional type of kippah).

Bucharian kippahs or Sephardic hat style yarmulkes are available in: Israeli Flags, matzah/matzo, Seder ritual items, Aleph Bet,  Purple Golden Mogen David, Lion of Judah and Green gold Jerusalem

 Each kippah is made with the matching fabric stiffened with interfacing:  The matching fabric band choice is made with same fabric as the kippah's top and is stiffened with interfacing for a long lasting band that does not stretch.

main dimensions (one kippah per purchase): select 2.5" or 2" high / deep band

21" circumference x  
  2.5" or 2"deep

22" circumference x    2.5" or 2"deep

23" circumference x   2.5" or 2"deep

24" circumference x  2.5" or 2"deep

see how to measure for a Bucharian kippah fit

How to determine your size: Measure by placing the measuring tape about 1" above the ears and round up or down to the nearest whole size. Please consider your hair style as well. Of course email me for help. Designer high quality 100 % cotton fabric; fully lined; sides are double main pattern cotton. The plain colors are made of high quality cotton fabric.

These products are not licensed products. They are made with licensed fabric. TuffBags and its owner are not associated in any way with the licensing organizations.

Each product is hand-crafted, made to order and ships generally in 2 to 4 business. Larger volume orders will take longer to make and ship. Kindly email us with your needed time frame prior to ordering.

Judaica Bucharian kippah Jewish Holidays style Sephardic yarmulkes

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