Challah cover for Yom Tov Chag Sameach any simcha wedding engagement anniversary gold turquoise embroidered

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I made this beautiful challah cover for any celebration (Shabbat is not mentioned but it can also be used for Shabbos).  I used black embroidery thread for the Hebrew  Yom Tov (a good day) and Chag Sameach (Happy Holiday) surrounding a Star of David, on white Kona cotton.  I used black Kona cotton to surround this. 

The main accenting fabric is a stunning multicolored swirly feathery wavey fabric.  The back is a black Kona cotton fabric.

This challah cover sure will add more joy to your holiday or special event.

dimensions:   20" wide x 18" high

machine wash and dry, ironing may be necessary.

This gorgeous Judaica mat makes an awesome centerpiece for any simcha (hostess, housewarming, engagement, wedding) as well as easily covering 2 loaves of Challah.

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This is my exclusive design so please do not copy it.
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Yom Tov embroidered Challah cover gorgeous feathery designs

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