Epi Pen ® cases, holders, carriers also for Avui-Q ® and Anapens

TuffBags® has been making very high quality insulated water resistant Epi Pen® / Avui-Q® / epinephrine carrier / adrenaline medication pouches / bags / holders / cases for over 15 years.

The owner/designer personally has had to carry epinephrine / adrenaline for 35+ years so she personally understands the importance of keeping the temperature of this live-saving medication regulated.

TuffBags® cases or carriers are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions.
Our cases are designed for both adults and for children. We have many great options including an optional medical alert label that no other insulated case has. Another great option is our clear vinyl pocket that allows the user to put in life-saving instructions and details about the personal carrying the epinephrine or adrenaline. The insulated pouches / insulated bags come in 6 great colors: red, shocking pink, royal blue, navy blue, deep purple and black.
TuffBags also has insulated cases for those needing to carry diabetes medications.

With TuffBags 4 different styles and great options one will be able to carry Epi Pen® / Avui-Q® / epinephrine auto-injectors with him or her wherever she / he goes in style!


We have the flexibility to offer you options on many of our products.  While your product will look very close to the picture you should expect some variations from the picture.  We certainly will be able to honor most requests within our options. 

For example, if you want the Epinephrine medical alert label placed at the bottom of a bag, or near the top or in the middle, please just ask.