Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQ}

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(1) How do I purchase products from Tuff Bags? What methods of payments are accepted? What if I have questions first?

You may order directly on-line using our SSL secure cart for on-line secure with your credit card or via Pay Pal or via Amazon Payments. The cart will completely total your order as you go, including the shipping charges and the sales tax. Apple pay will be coming sometime this Fall 2016.

We love questions! Please email us your questions. Let us know the function and purpose of the bag that you are looking for. Please note that all of our retail products are listed on our web site. While it sure doesn't hurt to ask, if you don't find what you are looking for on our web site we likely don't carry it. Again, email us as we will be able to send you the links of the items you are looking for on our site and suggestions. Send us your phone number and a good time to call and we'll give YOU a call!

(2) Does TuffBags sell fabric, other branded bags, and products made outside of the USA?

Tuffbags sells only TuffBags which are 100% made in the USA, specifically in North Carolina. We do not sell other brands of bags or make and sell other people's designs. We do not sell fabric and other sewing supplies. We will never have our bags made outside of the USA--we'd rather go out of business than do this! We at TuffBags rise to the challenge of making very high quality, high functioning, organizing bags.

(3) When can I expect to receive my order?

Your order is processed within 24-48 hours of receiving it, Monday through Friday, non-holidays. Your order is shipped generally within in 3 to 5 business days, with as much as 7 business days for larger or add-ons to the order. If your order will take longer than 8 business days (such as a 'customized your Tuff Bag' where you select the item or items to add -- these take about 10 to 12 business days) order, we'll let you know what your ship date will be. Most orders are shipped within 3 to 5 days.

Our busiest times of year are:  Back to School end of July through the end of August;  major Jewish holidays (Passover, the High Holidays, Chanukah) and of course the December holidays.

We keep in touch with our customers during this process - we send a confirmation email after you place your order, and we send you an email when your order is shipped. For shipping information, charges, and rush orders please be sure to indicate this in your shopping cart and/or via a separate email. We always suggest that you email us first for your special needs prior to purchase. We want to make our customers happy!

Should you need your order by a specific date (such as you order on 3/1 and need it by 3/15, please be sure to note this in the notes box at checkout. Also you can drop us an email as to the order time required should you be unsure.

(4) How do I return or exchange my purchase? What are TuffBaggs return and refund policies?

All of our retail products, including clearance items, are returnable as long as the bag is unused, the tag is still intact, and you've received an RMA number from us. You have 3 weeks (15 business days) to do this. Our return policy is simple, straight forward, and hassel free. Our customized bags are returnable. Please see our separate link: Sales/Returns/Warranty/Privacy Policies.

(5) What materials are Tuff Bags made of? What are my color choices?

Tuff Bags

We use the highest quality American materials. Our main fabric, pack cloth (420 Denier urethane coated pack cloth) is an awesomely strong but light in weight nylon cloth material. It is NOT microfiber but rather a much higher grade nylon that is virtually waterproof. For additional information please see our link on our materials for materials descriptions, colors, and information.

Our Judaica goods are made from Kona Cotton, silk, and high grade other fabrics.  Our Tapestry kippahs are made from gorgeous jacquard and tapestry fabrics.  Our Tapestry trim Bucharian kippot are made from a higher grade of cotton, cotton twill, and beautiful tapestry jacquard trims.

(6) What is customization? Does this mean I can make up my own bag from scratch?  What other products can be customized?

We are so glad that you asked this! We have an unique program of allowing our customers to add certain features to their bags: extra zippered pockets, credit card slots, hooks, dee rings, sling straps, and so on. These features are available to many of our bags and are indicated on the product pages where they are available.

Our kippot can be customized with embroidery initials or names.  We also offer custom embroidery as well.

(7) Are Tuff Baggs covered under a warranty?

TuffBaggs provides full warranty -- please read about it at our separate link: Sales/Returns/Warranty/Privacy Policies.

(8) Will my privacy be respected? What personal information is considered to be private?

All of us at TuffBaggs respect your privacy and ALL of your personal information is considered to be private. We do not disclose, sell, or distribute ANYTHING about you and your inquiry and purchasing information to anyone.
For additional information please read about this at our separate link: Sales/Returns/Warranty/Privacy Policies.

(9)  How do I know what is new?

Please read our "what is new page" as well as our blog.

(10) What will my product look like?

Most products will be very similar to the stock photos.  Yes, the photos are stock ones so please expect some variations from these photos as these are made by human hands, individually cut from fabric right through to the individual hand-crafting and sewing.  If the print is a large one or quite varied (this usually applies to just the kippahs) then you will see some variations.

The epipen and medical cases vary somewhat with placement of the medical alert label.  Please see each individual listing and certainly ask for more specifics.  If you need an exact placement you can email us to make this request...this is usually very easy for us to do.

In regards to the kippot:  kippahs with small patterns will generally look like the stock pictures.  Kippot with larger patterns will vary somewhat fromt the stock photos.

(11) Can I purchase TuffBaggs on a Bulk or volume basis?

We offer Tuff Bags at a discount on a bulk or volume basis, starting generally around 20 items. This is highly dependent on the product. Tuff Baggs can modify one of our existing creations or create a bag to meet your organization's needs. We may be able to sewn on your label. We are unable to provide any other type of labeling or personalization. Our TuffBaggs Judaica collection is available to individuals for quantity discount as well as our other bags. Certainly email or telephone us for assistance, questions, and orders.

(12) Where do you place the TuffBaggs Label?

We generally place the TuffBaggs label on the inside of your bag. You are assured that your bag is a genuine TuffBagg with our unique label.
Note that some of our pictures show the label on the outside. This is simply for advertisement purposes only.
Do note that a few of our clearance products may have the label on the outside.

For kippot the label is placed inside the kippah.  Reversible kippot and other products do not have labels.  Bulk purchases with personalization do not have our label in them.

(13) Do you offer rush order service? Rush orders: we define a rush order as one that needs to ship the next business day or within two business days. The customer WILL be charged an additional rush order fee in addition to shipping. The minimum rush order fee is $ 5 and goes up depending on the complexity of the order. So please plan ahead.

(14)  Do you ship internationally?

We ship to the USA and Canada only.  Due to the VAT in European countries and elsewhere we have decided not to participate in the VAT headache.

(15) What if I can not find a product that you used to make and sell?

We do discontinue some products from time to time.  Please email us to discuss the product you are looking for and your needs for this product.  We will do everything we can to assist you.