Passover kippahs matzah plagues frogs matzah yarmulkes

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Passover kippahs matzah plagues frogs Jerusalem yamakas -- Passover themed --discounts available see the cart


You can now go to Hebrew school, shul, attend Passover seders and more in style of your favorite Passover themed kippahs or yarmulkes: realistic frogs, jumping frogs, matzah or matzo, Seder rituals, Jerusalem Green (next year in Jerusalem!)  Passover plagues:  blood, hail, insects, darkness, plague of the first born, boils, beasts, pestilence, insects/bugs with locusts.

DISCOUNT packs:  select the discount pack in the cart sets of kippahs from this page only:

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dimensions: regular size:   approximately 8" diameter, 11" from one side over the top to side.    Fits most kids from age 3 through adults please see how our kippahs fit, measure the person's head and ask questions if you are unsure. 

toddler size:  approximately 6.5" diameter, 9" from one side over the top to the other side, circumference 20"

100% high quality designer cotton fabrics; fully lined with plain coordinating cotton fabric.

Traditional, standard style that sits on the back of your head, fully line with 4 panels of your favorite Passover theme.

This is not a Disney or any other type of licensed product. It is however, handcrafted from licensed fabric. I / TuffBags am not affiliated with or sponsored by any of these licensing organizations

Each product is hand-crafted, made to order and ships generally in 3 to 7 business. Larger volume orders will take longer to make and ship. Kindly email us with your needed time frame prior to ordering.