Afikomen zippered lined case or bag

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Afikomen zippered lined case or bag for a beautiful Seder keep those crumbs under control

I've created these adorable Afikomen cases that kids of all ages will love to find!  One of the most wonderful features, besides being so pretty and useful, is that all of the matzah matzoh crumbs will not end up all over the house when you hid the Afikomen!

afikomen case  seder ritual afikomen bag  

how we measure our bags
main dimensions:
8" wide x 6" high x 1.5" deep

for a matching three section Matzo case please go here

100 % designer cotton fabric on the outside and fully lined with pack cloth on the side
The tooth zipper that does not freeze or stretch, opens to 6.5" wide and has a nice key ring on it for easy opening and closing.

This zippered purse pouch is entirely lined with all coordinating nylon pack cloth, giving this pouch substantial hold and longevity. The clean up of all those matzah crumbs is a snap, just dump and wipe and you are done! The bag is also machine washable and air dry.

fabric choices (please note that for some of the fabrics the placement of the pattern will vary a little bit from these stock pictures):

You can select from these wonderful fabrics -- each one will be the talk of your seder and it is just good Yiddishkeit!

  • Jerusalem in metallic gold throughout with deep Spring greens and teal blues

  • Are You looking for me in Matzah fabric

  • Jerusalem golds metallic gold

  • Frogs colorful plague realistic 

  • dancing Matzahs or matzos

  • Insects lice locust plagues

  • Matzah or Matzo fabric looks like the real thing

  • jumping frogs green background with yellow and green frogs -- the plague of frogs (Tz'fardaya)

  • Seder ritual items --- stunning fabric with metallic gold, light blue background and all of the necessary ritual items for your Seder

  • Jerusalem gold and green --- city of Jerusalem with gold metallic outlines greens and teal blues

  • marbleized purple waves -- so pretty and perfect for the purple lovers

  • marbleized blue waves --- reminds me of crossing the Sea of Reeds

Each product is hand-crafted, made to order and ships generally in 2 to 4 business. Larger volume orders will take longer to make and ship. Kindly email us with your needed time frame prior to ordering.

The Afikomen zippered lined case or bag is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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