I Found the Afikomen Matzah Matza kippah Passover seder yarmulke matzo realistic saucer or small size reverses to Seder Ritual fabric

Wonderful kippot for the Seder and all 8 days of Pesach!
This is realistic matzo fabric embroidered with black "I found the Afikomen" and the reverse side is the Passover Seder Rituals (seder plate, matzo, grape juice, candle stiches, Haggadah, Kiddush cup and more)

This kippah is one of my most popular and will add lively conversation and great head decor for your Seder.
Saucer or small reversible kippah
Dimensions: round reversible 100% cotton kippah about 5.5" in diameter and about 1" in depth (may need clips)

Machine wash and dry.
This kippah "molds" nicely to your head.

All of my kippot / yarmulke are machine wash and dry and they keep their shape for years and years.

Convo me for your own custom listing for multiple purchases. I also make this matzah kippah in the Bucharian/Sephardic style.

I found the Afikomen embroidered small kippah saucer style

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