Epinephrine +Asthma alert medications medical label bag zippered insulated case

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Toss in your bag zippered epinephrine insulated case with medical alert label ---color selection and options to selection from

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They hold either the two of the traditional epinephrine auto-injectors as pictured below OR two of the Auvi-Q™ auto-injectors along with asthma inhaler medication
 insulated epipen case epipen inhaler case epipen asthma case  how we measure our bags

main dimensions total / pocket size: 9" long/horizontal width x 5" vertical length/height x 1.5" depth or thickness


for this case without a medical alert label please go here

The medical alert label says this: Epinephrine Injector and Asthma Inhaler Inside and the label will be place straight and centered.

All insulbrite insulated, lined and padded for awesome insulation, covered in pack cloth inside and outside, keeping the epinephrine medication at a regular temperature, regardless of weather conditions, standard!

Durable zippered closure the entire length of the case

TuffBags auto-injectors for epinephrine carriers are a great insulated case for people who must carry epinephrine injectors as the result of food, bee, peanuts, tree nuts or general allergy.holds: your medical information; 2 epinephrine auto injectors (or one of each) plus a one dose benadryl pack or small amount of benadryl pills or small benadryl bottle; an inhaler too!

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2 @ 1.5" wide belt loops sewn on to the back of the case $ 5.00
1 @ side hook on webbing; $3.00
1 @ side dee ring on webbing $2.00

purchase optional sling strap here

  see all our Epipen holders carriers

INSULATED: protection from heat or cold. For heat place pack in top of a cooler or a cooler pocket or tray. You can walk along the beach, be near splashing water, etc. without any concerns. (you may wish to place it in a plastic bag to keep any melting ice away. While the fabric is weather proof and durable water repellent it is not completely water proof).

For cold: place the pack underneath outer clothing, near your body, or inside a coat pocket.You may wish to purchase a thermometer for regulating the temperature of the epinephrine.Please contact your physician or pharmacist for specific temperatures and how to care for your epinephrine injectors.

Each product is hand-crafted, made to order and ships generally in 3 to 7 business. Larger volume orders will take longer to make and ship. Kindly email us with your needed time frame prior to ordering.

The Epinephrine +Asthma alert medications medical label bag zippered insulated case is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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