Hamsa with Pomegranate quilted batik wall hanging trapunto  Hand of Fatima

"Hamsa with Pomegranate" a one of a kind piece designed and made by Kate Rachel Lozier

I have created a beautiful quilted Hamsa (Hand of Fatima, Hand of Miriam, Hand of G-d) with a pomegranate using batiks, machine quilting and the trapunto quilting method.

The one hand as well as the pomegranate are 3 dimensional with batting to raise them slightly above the main level of the wall hanging.

I quilted all around the hamsa with a rays formation.  Be sure to look at all of the pictures to appreciate the amount of quilting on this stunning piece.

I used many gorgeous batik fabrics to create this unusual wall hanging.

The back has two pockets to hold a dowel (Not included).

Dimensions:  19" wide (horizontal) by 19" tall (vertical)  a rectangle

This beauty is read to ship.

All cotton, polyester batting, cotton thread, machine wash, suggest air drying.

copyright 2019-2023 Kate R Lozier


Hamsa with Pomegranate quilted batik wall hanging trapunto

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