NFL regular kippah or yarmulke select your team

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NFL regular kippah or yarmulke select your team

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NFl kippah or yarmulke handmade

We carry every NFL Team and each kippah is approximately 8" diameter, 11" from one side over the top to another, fitting most kids from age 3 through adults.  The NFL yarmulke is a traditional style, fitting nicely on the back of the head.  No clips are needed for my gorgeous kippahs that fit perfectly on most heads!

Please note:  your kippah may vary a bit from the stock pictures.

Each kippah is individually hand-crafted out of the official NFL team logos and is completely lined with 100 % cotton.

TuffBags / Racheltreasures's NFL Yarmulkes are perfect for your sports fan, Shabbat, Jewish Camp; Hebrew School Bar Mitzvah gift, Passover, host/hostess gift, or any simcha.

This is not a NFL licensed product. It is however, handcrafted from NFL licensed fabric. I am not affiliated with or sponsored by the NFL or the related team.

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