Kippah or yarmulke or yamaka or Jewish skullcap

Kippah or yarmulke or yamaka or Jewish skullcap

regular size kippah
The kippah or yarmulke measures about 11" from the side to side/diameter 8" and fits from about age 3 to adults, fitting most adults, COMPLETELY LINED with coordinating all cotton fabric. No clips are needed for my gorgeous kippahs that fit perfectly on most heads!

Toddler size:
9" from side to side / diameter 6.5" / circumference 20”  completely line with coordinating all cotton fabric.

traditional styling with 4 panels in a variety of fabrics: solid color cotton twill, designer cottons in sports, NFL, NCCA college / university teams, MLB, Judaica, cartoon characters, super heros, animals, batiks, peace signs, novelty and music.   The teams, Spiderman, Marvel comics, Batman, Ninja Turtles, disney characters, etc are all made of genuine licensed fabric.

I created these designs over 30 years ago. Our very cool and gorgeous kippahs are all made here in  Durham North Carolina so please support an American Jewish business! The prices in our shopping cart are for EACH kippah

We now offer embroidery personalization for inside (or outside) your yamaka. 

We do offer discounts/bulk pricing for our yarmulkes starting at a minimum order of 12. The lead time is a minimum of 3 weeks and is longer for larger orders. The amount of discount depends on the fabric chosen, the number of kippahs and any other special customer requirements. Orders needing to be shipped in less than 3 weeks will incur a rush charge. 
We also now can personalize your order with our unusual sew in computer generated labels. The personalization is quoted at the time of order as it depends on the amount of wording, colors, fonts, and so forth.

Our traditional kippot fit most from age 3 to adult: diameter is approximately 8". We also have toddler sized traditional kippahs sized 6.25" diameter.

 Please see how we measure our kippahs.

see how to measure for a Bucharian kippah fit

 None of our products are licenced by another authority, entity, business, or organization. Some of our products are however, handcrafted from from officially licensed fabrics, such as the MLB, NFL, NCAA,College, University, Star Wars, team, or similar but not necessarily listed here. TuffBags is not affiliated with or sponsored by the any other authority, entity business or organization.

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