Epi Pen ® cases, holders, carriers also for Avui-Q ® and Anapens, Adrenal Insufficiency, Insulin, Type 2 Diabetes

TuffBags® has been making very high quality insulated water resistant Epi Pen®, Avui-Q® ,  epinephrine carrier,  adrenaline medication pouches,bags, holders  cases for over 20 years.

The owner/designer personally has had to carry epinephrine or/ adrenaline for 35+ years so she personally understands the importance of keeping the temperature of this live-saving medication regulated.   Medical alert bags are necessary for so many people.

TuffBags® cases or carriers are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions.
Our cases are designed for both adults and for children.

Why choose our insulated epinephrine cases for carrying Epipens®, Auvi-q®, AnaPen® and other auto-injectors:

  •  Incredible weather proof, durable water repellent nylon pack cloth fabric
  • great designs by Kate R Lozier
  • very high quality industrial grade YKK zippers and pulls
  • awesome insulation made in USA insulbrite
  • great sewing with triple seams and finishing
  • embroidered medical alert labels that are easy to see
  • several options to select from especially the clear open top pocket for holding ICE (in case of emergency) information, picture, details of allergies, etc.
  • optional embroidered ICE information
  • great colors:  red, bright pink, royal blue, purple, black, navy blue
  • very long lasting products.

With TuffBags 4 different styles and great options one will be able to carry Epi Pen® / Avui-Q® / epinephrine auto-injectors with him or her wherever she / he goes in style!