Kippah measurements how they fit

Kippah measurements --  how they fit, how to wear a yarmulke

Saucer (small kippahs):  

Our saucer or small kippahs are 5.5" in diameter and 1" deep.  They are reversible (second side is a solid color) so you get two kippahs in one!  You will most likely need to use clips.

Kraken NHL Team saucer kippah  Harry Potter houses saucer kippah  University of Georgia saucer kippah  

black plain saucer kippah   Pokemon saucer kippah 

 hidden clip for saucer kippah  hidden clip for saucer kippah;  

reverse side of hidden clip  reverse side of saucer to demonstrate how to use the clip


 compare the reversible saucer kippah to the regular kippah:

Regular kippah on top;  saucer on bottom


Traditional or regular kippahs:

Our regular sized kippahs are 7.5" in diameter or 11" from one side over the top to the other side.  They fit nicely, molding to your head without clips, for most people aged 3 and up.  Please measure your head, especially for children, as age generally does not always correlate with head size (some kids have bigger than average heads while some have smaller than average).  Also please consider your hair style (thick, thin, bald, etc.) when selecting this style.  You may need clips.

Our toddler sized kippahs are generally 6.5" in diameter or 9" from one side over the top to the other side.

          Paw Patrol cotton kippah

Hidden clip for kippah     inner hidden clip for eithe regular or toddler kippah

TuffBags Racheltreasures kippah styles

Bucharian or Sephardic hat style kippahs:

Our Bucharian / Buchari / Sephardic hat style kippahs or yarmulkes fit like hats for those wanting to have this style.  They can also be worn on the back of your head in the same manner as the traditional style yarmulke.

I make whole sizes only beginning with 21" for many of the kippahs up to 25" in circumference.  I measure from the inside.  While there is only about 1/4" difference between the inside and the outside measurement on most of the kippahs, the tapestry kippahs can run between a 1/2" to 3/4" difference between the inside and the outside.

 To determine your size: Measure by placing the measuring tape about 1" above the ears and round up or down to the nearest whole size. Please consider your hair style as well. Of course email me for help.



  Tapestry Bucharian kippah

Tapestry Bukkarian kippah   Bucharian Houston Astros kippah

Sephardic hat NFL Pittsburgh Steelers kippah