Passover plaques insulated table runner, handmade, one of a kind

I created this fun and bright Passover Seder decor mat with all of the plagues!  Your famil and guests will love this lively mat, especially when you name all of the plagues in the Seder!

Dimensions:  24" x 25"

Insulated with Insulbrite, so you can use cold and warm dishes on this mat.

Reversible to a swirly black batik for use during the rest of the year.

All of the plagues are illustrated here:  blood, frogs, lice, wild beasts, cattle disease, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, and the slaying of the firstborn.

I also included some matzah fabric!

copyright KR Lozier/TuffBags, 1997 - 2023, all rights reservec.

Passover plaques insulated table runner

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