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About TuffBags  owned by Kate Rachel  Lozier, business woman, fiber artist, designer

Kate Rachel Lozier   Kate Rachel Lozier

I started designing products when I was a kid as I was learning how to sew.  I found that I enjoyed designing and making useful things with a options as each one of us has our own unique likes and dislikes.

 I have been successfully sewing for over 55 years. I had sewing lessons as a kid.  I also had professional drawing and art classes.  I have been successfully making yarmulke for 30 years. I've been designing bags since I was a child and find this work very relaxing and rewarding.  As a mother of two sons that went through the Jewish life cycle of religious and Hebrew school to celebrating Bar Mitzvah, I understand the process as well as the ritual needs. 

Getting your child to wear a kippah is sometimes a challenge!  I designed and created both the traditional size (in most cases no clips are needed!) and the Bucharian or Sephardic hat styling.  I have selected many awesome fabrics from the more traditional to totally fun.  You child can feel Jewish pride by wearing his or her favorite team, superhero, animal and so on.

You will find gorgeous tapestries, beautiful silks, popular cottons, superheros, and more in my kippahs. I do bulk orders and also custom labels so please contact me about this well in advance of your simcha.  You can be assured that your kippahs are shanetz free as well as my other Judaica goods.

I personally have had to carry epinephrine for severe allergies for 40 years. One of my sons has also for most of his life. I totally get it when it comes to carrying epipens or auvi-q and severe allergies.

I have been making the epinephrine auto-injection insulated weather-proof cases / bags for over 30years. My philosophy, personal experience, and injector manufacturer guidelines require the epinephrine to be kept in a small window range of temperature....thus insulation is a must. I personally think that carrying epinephrine is a serious thing so I make serious bags.
Cutesy just won't cut it. You can personalize your own bag by selecting the optional clear pocket---just insert your own personal information. Your insulated epipen case needs to be clearly visible that it contains seriously needed medication without any other distractions on the case.
Lastly, personally know the trials and tribulations of having to carry epinephrine (for over 35 years now).  One of my sons also has to carry epinephrine for most of his life and he is now well into his twenties.  I take this seriously and therefore, offer  very well made, durable, weather proof, serious  Epi Pen ® insulated case / carrier / pouches.   In regards to the inhaler cases or bags, I too have had asthma all my life as both of my sons do as well. 

I design and make all of my jewelry. I do not use a pattern nor do I copy other jewelry. The majority of my designs are Judaica and my designs will also have an earthy basis to them. My jewelry designs range from simple and elegant to avant garde and funky. I use sterling silver and genuine semi-precious gemstones.
All of my designs are my originals.  I do not copy others.  I do not use purchased patterns in my working, including my quilted and quilling work.  A lot of my quilting and quilling are Judaica themed.  I make one of a kind pieces that may take a while to create.  I never know how one of these fiber art pieces will turn out until it is done!

In 2018 I relocated to Durham, North Carolina to be near family and friend.  I also had enough of upstate NY winters!  I purchased an embroidery machine and now offer embroidered kippot, challah cover, and home decor.

I am an environmental activist and am very careful to limit my carbon foot print with my business. I used recycled products where ever I can, especially in my shipping materials. I also love birds, especially owls, so you will see bird themed goods as well in my designs and goods.

Lastly, my business background and my artist talent go hand in hand with running a successful business. I make generally very useful things out of long lasting fabrics and materials. I also love color and batiks and incorporate these into many designs.

Kate Rachel Lozier

All of my designs are original and are copyright protected.

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