Travel / on the go/ tote bags / whistle cases

TuffBags ® has great organizing bags that will help you keep you organized at work, on the go, shopping, traveling, enjoying festivals, music shows, vacation, personal items, water bottles, and gear accessible and at your fingertips! As always our bags are 100 % USA made.

I named our bags "TuffBags ®" since our bags can take a lot and wear great!  Our customers love how long they last and how well made they are.  You will get years and years out of your TuffBag ® with proper care.

Our pack cloth totes are incredibly durable but very light weight.  You will have to try to wear out your bag.  You can also select optional pockets and other features to add to your tote.

What is pack cloth?  Pack cloth is a 420 nylon Denier fabric that is light weight and incredibly durable.  It is virtually water proof.

We use YKK nylon zippers in all of our bags.   

Our zippered waist packs (in 3 sizes) are great for hands free needs and are made of the fabulous pack cloth---of course you select your waist size and there are options to add.  Our deluxe flat waist packs have more zippered pockets!

 TuffBags ever so useful nylon zippered pouches are available in flat and gusset styles, 4 sizes and 6 great colors.  Of course we have many options to add.


All of our tapestry bags including the tapestry zippered pouches are completely line and any inner pockets, credit slots, etc are made of pack cloth.


Our tote bags are second to none!  We have some older stock to clear out.  We will be adding new totes in 2023!