Chenille Tapestry tote bag adjustable handles funky stunning pattern weather proof tons of zippered compartments organizing large purse OOAK

>>>>READY TO SHIP!<<<<  This is a wonderful gift for Mom (Mother's day or Birthday day), or treat yourself!

I've created organizing, useful and very pretty tapestry tote bags where most of them are OOAK (one of a kind).

This tote is ready to ship, you will receive this exact bag and is it OOAK.  You will never have to be concerned that someone else has a bag like yours.  While I have more of this fabric the design is so varied that no two bags will ever be alike.

The outside fabric is a stunning and funky chenille of many geometric swirls and shapes  (tan, rose, burgundy, gold, blues, purples and blacks) throughout the fabric.  The inside is fully lined with pack cloth (weather proof and virtually water repellent...a cordura fabric).  The outside zippered pockets are fully lined.  This wonderful zippered tote will easily compliment every outfit.

14" wide / horizontal length x 14" high / vertical height x 7" wide/thickness

1.5" wide black adjustable handles with a minimum drop of 9" to a maximum drop of 16" so you will have plenty of room to carry this tote purse comfortable with a winter coat or in a tee shirt.

two outside tapestry lined zippered pockets: 7.5" wide with one x 12" long and the other 9" long --- plenty of room for a water bottle, small book, your tablet, pens, pencils and so on.

Stands up by itself for easy loading and unloading.

inside:  all completely lined with purple pack cloth with black and purple features:
--- doubled zippered pockets each 9.5" wide with the black pack cloth one 12" long/high and the purple pack cloth one 8" long/high.
---8 organizing slot pockets (see picture for suggestion of what to carry --items in picture are not included with this bag)--see the last picture for examples
---inner hook for attaching other times such as small pouches and other bags---add one of my zippered pouches

Sewing:  my sewing is always a minimum of tripled stitching, complete lining and great care to the details and zippers.  I warrant my goods so please read my policies here and on my web site.

You will receive this exact props or accessories are included with this gorgeous bag.



Chenille Tapestry tote bag stunning pattern organizing purse

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