On sale regular 4 panel kippah,  limited stock.

themes:  sports, music, animals, novelty, and more.

Football, all sports, cats, running, biking, race cars, pixels, emojis, koi fish, jazz music, orchestral music, lizards, geckos, robots, tropical fish, rainbow dolphins, abstract butterflies.

100 % first quality all lined kippahs.

4 panel regular size only $10.00 each (limited toddler sizes)

Our regular sized kippahs are 7.5" in diameter or 11" from one side over the top to the other side.  They fit nicely, molding to your head without clips, for most people aged 3 and up.  Please measure your head, especially for children, as age generally does not always correlate with head size (some kids have bigger than average heads while some have smaller than average).  Also please consider your hair style (thick, thin, bald, etc.) when selecting this style.  You may need clips.

read how our kippahs fit

not available for wholesale., or in any other kippah style.


on sale regular 4 panel kippah

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