Kate's Sling Pocketbook shoulder purse full sling style 

The TuffBags Sling Pocketbook has an adjustable full sling strap and six compartments for great organization.

This weatherproof purse is great for travel, offers hands-free shopping, site seeing and just easy access to your phone, keys, tissues with security for your money, passport and other valuables inside the bag.

Dimensions (all approximate):

 6" wide (horizontal length) x 9" tall (vertical height) x 4" deep 

 adjustable nylon sling strap with shoulder pad 6" long:  maximum drop 26";  50" long;  minimum drop 12";  minimum length:  27"


  • weather proof pack cloth
  • virtually water proof 
  • adjustable sling strap
  • outer flap with adjustable buckled secure closure
  • inner main pocket is velcro closed for extra security
  • back zippered pocket (double duty) 5" w x 7" high with open compartment behind it
  • front zippered pocket (double duty( 5" x 5") under flap
  • inner zippered pocket 5" w x 7" high
  • inner hook for holding keys, other TuffBags, etc.

What it holds on average:  wallet, phone (recommend one of the outer pockets for easy grabbing);  tablet (5 x7 size), passport, inhaler, keys, tissues, glasses case,  epipen case (if no tablet or glasses case).


 No props are included.  All handmade in the USA, North Carolina!

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