Heart 💔 broken

Posted by Kate Rachel Lozier on

Israeli Flag

I am without words at the horrific attacks on innocent Israelis and peoples by the terrorist group, Hamas.  So many innocent people were slaughtered and kidnapped.  Our own Americans have been slaughtered and at least 20 are being held as hostages.  There are so many people missing, so many parents and families who are hurting because of this brutal attack by these terriorits.

We American and other Jews in disporia need to rally together to support Israel, which as the right to defend itself.  We need to be safe here in the USA as well as other countries as these terrorists will not be happy until all Jews are dead.

Most Palestinians do not support Hamas.  We will never support terrorists. Please pray for peace in Ertz Yisrael.  Am Israel Chai.

L'Shalom heartfully, Kate Rachel

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