How to Order, Order processing and production times

How to Order and use our site:

Our site is designed to be pretty easy to navigate.  Use the MENU bar on the left to view our collections as well as our blog and your account (not required to create an account on TuffBags! ).

The header menu has a looking glass symbol which is the search symbol.  Simply click on this to search with a key word, such as Star wars kippah, epipen case, zippered pouch.  The handbag symbol is for what is in your cart or basket or shopping bag.

The footer menu has our general information:


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 The TuffBags important information menu has 

Collections / categories:

 Each of these will have a general description and then will list out the individual product types within each collection or category.

Individual Products:

This is where the shopping and adding to your cart or basket occurs.  Each product has a detailed description including sizing information.  Please kindly read all of the information.  Of course if you have questions simply click on the green "Contact us" button that is on every screen on the lower right hand corner.

Each product page has a summary of pictures on the left.  You can scroll through them to see the different types of Star Wars kippahs for example;  or the options that you can add to an Epi Pen insulated case. 

 Each product is completely hand-crafted made to order.  This means a person hand-cuts the item, sews (or hand-crafts) the item to completion. 

We have the flexibility to offer you options on many of our products.  While your product will look very close to the picture you should expect some variations from the picture.  We certainly will be able to honor most requests within our options.  For example, if you want the Epinephrine medical alert label placed at the bottom of a bag, or near the top or in the middle, please just ask.   Each product page should be able to guide you.  Again, email us with questions!

Once your order is placed:

We realize that once you place your order you are most anxious to receive it.  Since every product is individually hand-crafted our processing time is generally 1 to 4 business days.  Some items will ship fast than this (such as jewelry and some kippahs as we do try to keep some stock on hand).  Other products, such as Epi Pen ® cases, Bucharian kippahs, zippered pouches, purses, etc, take longer since you get to select fabrics/colors and often many options.  For larger orders please give us 5 to 14 business days.  Certainly contact us with any questions!



We ship your order based on the shipping method that you selected at checkout.  The shipping time is in addition to our processing / making time.  We insure every package and have tracking on all packages.  We send you your tracking number via email when your product ships.

Please read our shipping policies.