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Passover is quickly approaching and Matzah is one of the stars of this beloved holiday.  I have to buy Gluten Free Matzos and Yehudah is my favorite brand (everything).  What I find amazing is that friends and family all prefer my gluten free matzo to the regular ones!

I have many matzah or matzo themed handmade Passover Seder items and item that are useful for all 8 days of this joyous holiday.  

>>>>New for Passover 2024<<<<

 Shmurah Matzah cover

4 great patterns to select from, full lined and each features a Seder plate in the middle.

Afikomen cases new Dancing Matzos!

  Dancing Matzahs Afikomen case as well as are you looking for me and other zippered lined, easy crumb cleaning cases!


Matzah and other Passover lined cloth napkins



 Useable, machine wash and dry lined cloth Passover napkins as well as Judaica ones.  For Pesach select from Matzah or Colorful frogs.  They sure will be a hit at your Seder!

Happy cleaning ?!


Kate Rachel




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