All things Purim!!

All things Purim!!

Spring is beginning to sprout here in the South.  The days are getting longer and daylight savings time begins on March 10th.  I sure am looking forward to more light in the evenings and being able to walk later as well.

Springtime means Purim, which begins the evening of March 23rd. My synagogue's Purim theme is from Grease which should be great fun.  

 I have created new Hamantashen kippahs this year, featuring realistic triangular yummy cookies.  The main fabric is a higher grade of cotton, cotton twill.

Handmade Hamantashen kippah Purim Cookies

 You can purchase the 4 panel ones (regular or toddler sizes) here

The Saucer / small reversible kippah is here

Black, white and navy blue are the stock colors.  I am happy to make purple, gray, pink and royal blue backgrounds as well.  Just email me!

 Check out the adorable Purim jewelry:  hamentashen (realistic cookies, single sided) and groggers (double sided with Stars of David), sterling silver plated charms, nonlead, made in the USA. 

Purim earrings:  both groggers, both hamantashen, one of each -- get them here.

You always have a choice of  hypoallergic (regular ear wires or leverbacks) or sterling silver (regular. ear wires or leverbacks).



handmade Purim earrings

Purim euro simple pendants:  hamentashen or grogger--purchase here

Purim grogger euro pendant     Hamantashen euro silver plated charm Purim


As always drop me an email with any questions!

Shabbat Shalom,

Kate Rachel

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