New Products February 2024

New Products February 2024

 Greetings everyone!

Congrats to the Kansas City Chiefs on their Superbowl win!  The game was sure exciting and the San Francisco 49ers had an incredible season as well.

Bucharian Kansas City chiefs kippah                     Superbowl champs KC Chiefs kippahs  


 New Kippah great for kids of all ages!  Lilo and Stitch!

Lilo and Stitch 4 panel kippah     Lilo and Stitch saucer style yamaka

Check out the new "Shalom Y'all" with a Hamsa/Hand of G-d with an Evil Eye banner or wall hanging.  Certainly ask for your custom wall hanging.  More styles coming soon!

Hamsa with evil eye irises wall hanging

We are adding videos to individual products as well as group products.

Many challah covers have videos, as well as the art work.  Stay tuned!


New Colt Manufacturing collectible buttons!

# 81, # 38, #23, #25, #4, #5, #1,  # 53, # 80, Knox (#89), to name a few!

 pink # 81 colt vintage button   Vintage Colt manufacturing # 25 button


Shabbat Shalom and have a great President's Day weekend!

Kate Rachel

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